Tony Sarris is the founder and principal of N2Semantics (n2semantics.com), an Orange County, California-based consultancy in the field of semantic technologies, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. He has a particular fondness for ‘intelligent software agents’ and other semantically-fueled applications, and feels the time is right to develop them.

Tony got his start in knowledge representation and semantics through challenges encountered at Northrop Grumman Corporation and Pricewaterhouse Coopers designing, modeling and integrating enterprise databases and developing component-based software such as web services. At Ontek (Ontological Technology) Corporation, he created a number of architectures, processes and tools for building and managing conceptual schemas, metadata repositories and ontologies, and applied those to projects in product engineering, healthcare and intelligent transportation systems. At Unisys, he applied semantic technologies to modernizing the database management systems of both Unisys (a Fortune 200 IT vendor) and its customers, primarily in the financial and transportation industries, and later headed the company’s open source engineering initiatives.

In 2010, Tony temporarily moved to Canada and took on the role of VP of Software Development and IT Operations for Primal.com, a Kitchener-Waterloo (‘greater Toronto area’) based startup with an innovative approach to bringing semantic data to use in intelligent applications that discover and recommend personalized content from the Web. He led the successful transition of Primal’s technology from R&D prototype to MVP/Alpha release and subsequently to initial commercial use. In late 2012 he returned to southern California where he continued to work with Primal as well as other semantic start-ups such as Maana, one of several big data oriented companies incubated under Frost Venture Partners (now Frost Data Capital). Maana performs industrial-scale semantic indexing and search over enterprise data stored in Hadoop/HDFS. His contributions at Maana included vetting their initial product idea, assessing the market and competitive landscape, developing a technical approach and framework architecture, and pitching to VCs for seed funding.

Tony’s knowledge of and experience with semantic technologies makes him highly skilled to contribute in this field. He also brings to his consulting projects the passion he has for semantic technologies and their use in intelligent applications. He applies both his skills and his passion to help companies put semantic technologies to work in adding new capabilities to their applications and creating new value for their users.


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